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Handling The Grief Of Losing Your Dog

  Handling The Grief Of Losing Your Dog There is no doubt that losing your dog is one of the hardest things you will encounter in your lifetime. Couple this with the fact that not everyone will understand exactly how you're feeling can make this whole situation even more difficult to handle.  But They Were Just A Dog? This phrase can see people brushing their feelings under the carpet and not truly allowing themselves to feel their emotions fully. People can be embarrassed to feel so desperately sad over losing 'just a dog.' In reality, I don't know where the term 'just a dog' really comes from? What is this in comparison to? After all, although our dogs are not humans, they are feeling, sentient beings, with whom we nurture deep, meaningful relationships. For some people, the bond they share with their dog is more substantial than any they have with other human beings. So, it's not hard to understand how devastating it is for them when the time comes to say

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